Lion Brand LB AR Workshop Chunky

Article number: 951-098
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The trend continues with AR Workshop, a jumbo chenille yarn that can be crocheted or knit without any tools except your arms! The Hygge-esque yarn is perfect for trendy arm-knit area rugs (4+ balls) or giant arm-knit lapghans to snuggle under (4 balls for a 40" x 33" lapghan blanket)

BALL WEIGHT:  7.9oz (226g)

LENGTH: 28yd (26m)

NEEDLE SIZE:  US 50 (25mm)

CROCHET HOOK: U-50 (25mm)   

BLEND: 100% Polyester

TENSION: (needle) 3 sts x 2 r / (hook) 2.5 sc x 3 r

GAUGE: (7) Jumbo

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