Lion Brand LB Knit & Weave Loom

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Lion Brand Yarn, Martha Stewart Craftsル Knit Weave Loom Kit makes knitting and weaving easy for both beginners and pros.
Use the included instructions to create scarves, hats, blankets, and crafts, or explore other possibilities on your own. Project Patterns Includes instructions for a hat, scarf, and blanket.
30+ configurations:

Weaving loom - makes woven squares 1.5in to 13.5in wide and rectangles 1.5 in to 25.5in wide.

Round loom - makes circular knit pieces 13.5in to 14in in circumference.

Rake loom - makes flat knit pieces 4in to 37in wide.

Rosette loom - makes a rosette approximately 2in in diameter.

Knit Weave Loom Knit includes: (2) 36-hole straight pieces (2) 28-hole semi-circle pieces (4) 12-hole straight pieces (2) 10-hole U-shaped pieces (4) 6-hole straight pieces (4) 6-hole corner pieces 206 small-gauge pegs 104 large-gauge pegs knitting tool weaving tool crochet hook small and large yarn needles Instruction booklet (English, Francais, Espaol)


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